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If you eat right and stay active but still can’t drop the extra weight, Dr. Roza Israel can help.

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Weight Loss Q & A

Improve your self and your body without surgery.

At I & R Medical Services, P.C., in Forest Hills, New York, Dr. Israel and her compassionate staff offer a variety of medical weight loss options without surgery. You can safely and effectively lose excess weight under the guidance of a board-certified physician and finally get the results you want. Learn more about medically supervised weight loss by calling the office directly or using the online booking feature.

  • What is medical weight loss?

    Medical weight loss is a health care option where you work to achieve your weight loss goals under the guidance of a qualified physician. Dr. Roza Israel creates a custom weight loss plan that takes your lifestyle habits, work life, and medical history into consideration.

  • What can I expect during my initial appointment?

    Dr. Israel first performs a body composition analysis to determine the best methods for helping you lose weight. She specifically addresses your medical history and any underlying conditions that might make it difficult for you to lose weight, such as heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid problems.
    In addition to your health history, Dr. Israel reviews your current prescriptions and identifies the medications that may be influencing your weight.
    During your appointment, Dr. Israel also discusses your personal weight loss goals and any concerns you might have to ensure your treatment plan suits your needs.

  • What innovations and technologies are used to help me reach my weight goal?

    Dr. Israel offers several technologies to help you achieve your ideal weight loss goal. These include:
    ● KORR™ Metabolic Rate Testing● Vitamin B12 and Lipo B Injections● Capsiate +
    Dr. Israel can determine which option is best suited to your medical weight loss needs.

  • What’s involved in the weight loss program?

    The first part of the medical weight loss program involves a review of your diet. Dr. Israel can recommend a low-calorie, well-balanced diet that contains nutrient-rich foods to trigger rapid weight loss.

    Dr. Israel also offers behavioral counseling to help you make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and keep you in control of your diet and activity level. Appetite-suppressant programs and partial and complete meal replacement programs are also available at her office.

    Some people are able to stop using certain prescription medications, such as blood pressure medications, following successful weight loss.

    To learn more about the benefits of medically supervised weight loss, schedule a consultation online or by calling I & R Medical Services, P.C.