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Vaccination in Forest Hills, New York

Throughout your life, you need a variety of vaccinations to prevent disease and keep you healthy.

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Vaccinations Q & A

Protect yourself and the people you care about from diseases; get vaccinated.

At I & R Medical Services, P.C., in Forest Hills, New York, Dr. Roza Israel and Dr. Igor Israel offer a variety of vaccinations to protect you from conditions like hepatitis, pneumonia, and the flu. Whether you’re planning to travel abroad, or you need vaccinations for college or your job, schedule a consultation with Drs. Roza and Igor Israel online or by calling the office.

  • What vaccinations are available?

    Dr. Roza and Dr. Igor Israel offer several adult vaccinations to protect you from conditions like:
    ● Flu● Tetanus● Pneumonia● Hepatitis B● Herpes zoster
    If you’re at risk for certain conditions, they may suggest getting a vaccination. To determine if a specific vaccination is safe for you, Dr. Roza or Dr. Igor Israel review your medical history and existing medical conditions during your consultation.

  • Why do I need a tetanus vaccination?

    Tetanus is a condition that results from the Clostridium tetani bacteria, which is found in dust, soil, and manure. The bacteria enters your body through open wounds in your skin and produces a toxin that affects your bloodstream and lymphatic system. The toxin interferes with how your nerve cells communicate, resulting in abnormal muscle spasms and even seizures.
    To protect yourself from this type of bacteria, Dr. Roza and Dr. Igor Israel recommend tetanus shots every 10 years if you receive tetanus vaccinations in early childhood. If you never had a tetanus vaccination, you can still receive them as an adult to protect you from a tetanus infection.

  • How does the pneumonia vaccine work?

    Dr. Roza and Dr. Igor Israel offer an effective vaccine against pneumonia. This vaccination is recommended for children under the age of 2 and adults over 65.

    You may also need this vaccine if you have underlying medical issues that put you at increased risk of developing pneumonia. Dr. Roza or Dr. Igor Israel can determine if the pneumonia vaccine is right for you by reviewing your medical history and current health needs.

  • What is the hepatitis B vaccine?

    Hepatitis B is a disease that affects your liver. The condition can cause mild symptoms that last a few weeks, or it can develop into a chronic disease, such as liver damage or cancer.
    The hepatitis B vaccine is made up of parts of the virus but won’t cause an infection. Dr. Israel recommends this vaccination for newborn babies and children of all ages.
    Adults should receive the hepatitis B vaccination if you:
    ● Had sex with an infected person● Are sexually active with multiple partners● Share needles or other drug equipment● Work in health care or public safety● Have chronic liver or kidney disease
    Dr. Roza or Dr. Igor Israel can determine if you’re at risk for contracting hepatitis B based on your medical history, your lifestyle choices, and the nature of your employment.

  • What is the herpes zoster vaccine?

    Dr. Roza and Dr. Igor Israel offer the herpes zoster vaccination to healthy adults 50 and older to prevent shingles — a painful rash that typically affects one side of your body, especially the face and torso — and its long-term health complications, including chronic pain known as postherpetic neuralgia — a burning sensation that lingers after the rash disappears.

    To learn more about available vaccinations, schedule a consultation online or by phone.