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Preventive health services, including cardiovascular care, are a priority of the staff.

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Cardiovascular Care Q & A

Make your heart stronger, and live longer.

Rosa Israel, MD, and her experienced medical team offer a variety of cardiovascular care services to keep your heart strong. From initial screenings for high blood pressure to continued care for heart disease, Dr. Israel offers comprehensive, compassionate care to treat and prevent heart-related health issues. Schedule a consultation online or by calling I & R Medical Services, P.C.

  • What cardiovascular care services are available?

    As part of your overall health care plan, you should have regular screenings for conditions that can lead to heart disease and damage.

    To ensure a healthy heart, Dr. Israel offers numerous in-office cardiovascular services, including:

    ● High blood pressure, or hypertension, screenings● High cholesterol, or hyperlipidemia, screenings● Coronary artery disease monitoring● Heart disease prevention
    During your initial consultation, Dr. Israel reviews any symptoms you experience and discusses your family history of heart-related issues. From this information, she may determine that routine screenings are important to your preventive health care plan.

  • How do screenings for high blood pressure and high cholesterol work?

    As part of your routine visit, Dr. Israel takes your blood pressure, using a blood pressure cuff. This device measures the force of the blood as it travels through your vessels with each beat of your heart.

    To check your cholesterol levels, Dr. Israel orders blood tests. These tests can determine if the level of cholesterol in your body is normal or elevated.

    High blood pressure and high cholesterol are potentially serious issues that may lead to heart disease and damage.

    To check the overall health of your heart, Dr. Israel may recommend additional testing, such as cardiograms, CT scans, or EKGs. If these tests indicate you already have heart damage or disease, she may refer you to a specialist for additional treatment.

  • What treatments are available for high blood pressure and high cholesterol?

    Dr. Israel may initially recommend lifestyle changes to improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These changes may include incorporating a healthy, low-salt diet into your daily life, getting more exercise, and learning stress reduction techniques to help lower blood pressure. If these changes aren’t enough to reduce the levels of blood pressure or cholesterol in your body, you may need to take daily medications.

    If you have heart disease, such as coronary arterial disease, Dr. Israel may prescribe medications to prevent additional damage. She may also refer you to a cardiovascular surgeon for further treatment.

    In addition to treating heart-related issues, Dr. Israel believes strongly in the importance of preventing cardiovascular issues. She can provide resources to reduce your risk of developing heart disease or damage, especially if you have a medical history or a family history of heart issues.

    Learn more about the available services to protect your heart health. Schedule a consultation online or by calling the office directly.