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Preventative Medicine

Annual wellness exams are a crucial part of enjoying a long and healthy life.

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Preventative Medicine Q & A

Identify any health issue before it occurs.

At I & R Medical Services, P.C., in Forest Hills, New York, Roza Israel, MD, is passionate about preventive health care guidance and techniques. She offers a variety of in-house services, including physical examinations, vaccinations, and cancer screenings. Take advantage of the many benefits preventive health services and screenings offer. Book an appointment online or by calling the office directly.

  • What is preventive medicine?

    Preventive medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on your individual health. The goal of preventive medicine is to protect and maintain overall health and wellness to prevent disability, disease, and premature death.

  • What preventive medicine services are available?

    Dr. Israel offers numerous preventive medicine services for your convenience, including:
    ● Annual physicals● Diabetes screenings● Obesity management● Hypertension, or high blood pressure, testing● Hyperlipidemia, or high cholesterol, screening
    Cancer screenings are also available, including screenings for breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers.

  • What happens during an annual physical?

    During your yearly physical exam, Dr. Israel will discuss your overall health and address any concerns you have. She will also perform a physical exam, checking various areas of your body, such as your mouth, nose, ears, and internal organs, for abnormalities.
    Dr. Israel also checks your weight, height, blood pressure, temperature, heartbeat, and lungs to identify infections or other existing medical issues.
    As part of your preventive health care, Dr. Israel may use blood tests or urine analysis to check your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  • What options are available for managing obesity?

    Dr. Israel offers customized weight loss plans to help you shed excess weight and prevent potential weight-related medical issues.

    Based on your age, weight, height, and underlying medical issues, Dr. Israel determines the type of diet you need to promote weight loss. She also works with you to create a reasonable exercise plan to keep your body active.

    Maintaining a healthy weight is an important preventive step in your good health. In addition to diet and exercise monitoring, Dr. Israel is also highly experienced in the behavioral aspects of weight loss and can provide one-on-one guidance for making necessary lifestyle changes to promote safe and effective weight loss.

  • Why are cancer screenings important?

    Not all cancers have noticeable symptoms, so routine cancer screenings are often the best way for Dr. Israel to detect problems in the earliest stages.

    Colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer screenings are available, and Dr. Israel may recommend one or more screenings based on your medical history and family history of cancer.

    To schedule a physical exam or one of the available preventive screenings, book an appointment online or by calling I & R Medical Services, P.C.